The Street Department performs the following services in the City of Chanute:
  • Clean ditches
  • Concrete repairs
  • Grade alleys
  • Patch streets
  • Remove snow from streets
  • Storm cleanup
  • Street signs
  • Sweep streets
  • Trim trees hanging low over the streets or alleys
As we enter the Winter of 2016, it is important to remember to have your vehicles off city streets after a snowfall of 3-inches or more. This allows the City workers to better clear snow from your street and parking strip. Efforts are made by the plow crews to prevent collected snow from accumulating across driveway entrances.

To view priority streets for snow removal please click on Snow Removal Route Map

If you encounter a plow clearing a street, please keep a safe distance back from the plow and thrown snow for your protection and that of your vehicle. Remember that crews are out to make the streets safer for you and your family this Winter.