House Numbers

House Number
Is your house number posted in front of your home?
Firefighters and emergency personnel may need to find your home quickly should an emergency occur.

It is difficult for emergency, utility, postal and delivery personnel to find homes and businesses whose address numbers are not properly posted.

How to Post Your House Number
  • Directly on your house, apartment, or garage.
  • By the street or on a post or sign made of fire-resistant material.
  • On the mailbox or curb.
  • Anywhere it can be easily seen from the road.
  • Choose a letter style that is easy to read, not cursive style.
  • Choose a letter size at least 4" high.
Clearly posted house numbers can save precious time should an emergency occur. Can life saving personnel find you?

Fire Departments respond to a fire every 15 seconds. Report all fires immediately. U.S. fire departments respond to over 2,000,000 fires each year. Approximately 84% of all fatal fires burn 10 minutes or more before the fire department is notified.

Things You Can Do
  • Purchase and install house numbers for your home.
    • When purchasing house numbers, remember: your house numbers should be NO LESS THAN 4" TALL and in a contrasting color from your house color.
    • Your house numbers should be visible up to 150 feet from all angles.
    • Be sure your house numbers can be seen at night.
    • Keep your numbers clearly visible throughout the year. Trees and shrubbery can cover the numbers
    • As a test, ask neighbors, friends, or others who visit your home if they would say your house numbers are easily readable.
    • Encourage family, friends, and neighbors to post their house number, too.
  • Have a family home fire escape plan and practice it often.
  • Have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home, especially by the bedrooms.
  • Contact the Fire Department for additional information on help in protecting your home.
  • The Chanute Fire Department is located at 8 E. 2nd Street and the phone number is (620)431-5236.