Department Operations

Shift Operating Schedule
The Chanute Fire Department works under a modified Kelly schedule, with three five person shifts. Shifts start at 0700 and work 24 straight hours. The Chanute Fire Department operates out of two fire stations located at 8 E. 2nd and 3001 S. Santa Fe in Chanute. The department covers 144 square miles including the City of Chanute and three townships (Big Creek, Canville, and Tioga). The fifteen members of the Chanute Fire Department are well trained and highly skilled in many areas including basic fire protection, life safety inspections, arson investigation, HAZ-MAT, and technical rescue.

Department Roster
Captain Vince Eagle
Lieutenant Pete Keating
Driver/Operator Bryan Hall
Driver/Operator Shawn Reinecke
Firefighter Matt Byerley

Chief Kevin Jones
Lieutenant Dale Lowry
Driver/Operator Jeff Mitchell
Driver/Operator Luke Hutson
Firefighter Justin Turner

Captain Matt Miller
Lieutenant Chad Small
Driver/Operator Jeff Baum
Driver/Operator Tim Vietti
Firefighter Brian Butrick