Power Plants

City of Chanute Electric Production

The City of Chanute is a member of the Southeast Power Pool.  We are proud to be a Southeast Kansas town that owns and operates our own electric generation and distribution systems.
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With the use of one 50MW combustion gas turbine, five dual fuel (natural gas and diesel) engines and two straight diesel engines we can produce 80MW of electricity.  This generation is above our city usage which allows us to provide power back to the power grid when requested.  We have two 69Kv transmission lines supplying power to our three substations that step down the voltage from 69Kv to 12.5Kv.  Those substations then distribute power through primary lines to supply our business and residential customers.  The  infrastructure we have in place now will also supply our future needs.  We are proud of the fact that we have one of the most up-to-date and well-equipped power plants in Southeast Kansas.  We strive to supply our customers with the most reliable and trouble-free system possible.

Power Plant Purpose

The purpose of the Power Plants are to generate and supply the City of Chanute with electric power when it is not cost effective, or is unavailable, from other sources.
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