Consumer Confidence Report

About the Systems

Community water systems are public water systems that have at least 15 service connections or regularly serve at least 25 year-round residents.

Required Reports

The consumer confidence rule requires public water suppliers that serve the same people year round (community water systems) to provide Consumer Confidence Reports(CCR) to their customers. These reports are also known as annual water quality reports or drinking water quality reports. The remaining public water systems in the U.S. are not required to provide CCRs, because they do not serve the same people on a day-to-day basis throughout the year.

The CCR summarizes information regarding sources used (i.e., rivers, lakes, reservoirs, or aquifers), any detected contaminants, compliance, and educational information. The reports are due to customers by July 1 of each year.

Report for 2022 CCR (published 2023)

Report for 2021 CCR (published 2022)

Report for 2020 CCR (published 2021)

Report for 2018 CCR (published 2019)

Report for 2017 CCR (published 2018)

Report for 2016 CCR (published 2017)

Report for 2015 CCR (published 2016)

Report for 2014 CCR (published 2015)

Report for 2013 CCR (published 2014)

Report for 2012 CCR (published 2013)

Report for 2011 CCR (published 2012)

Report for 2010 CCR (published 2011)