Drought Overview

Drought Overview

What is a drought?

In the broadest sense, a drought is "abnormally dry weather sufficiently prolonged for the lack or water to cause serious hydrologic imbalance in teh affected area" -Glossary of Meteorology (1959).
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What is happening in Chanute?

The Midwest recently experienced the worst drought since 1956. In 2012, the Cottonwood/Neosho River Water Assurance District lake levels dropped, triggering a water warning to conserve. In addition, very little inflows were going into these water assurance district lakes.

Chanute has a Conservation Plan that is put into effect in times of drought. There are three stages. These stages are put into effect by various trigger events listed in the plan.
  • Stage 1: Water Watch (Last triggered July 6, 2012)
  • Stage 2: Water Warning (Last triggered August 15, 2012)
  • Stage 3: Water Emergency
The City of Chanute and the Water Tips.

As levels decline, more restrictive stages of the plan were put into effect, including mandatory water restrictions. You can see the State drought updates at the Kansas Water Office Drought Page.


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