Elmwood and Memorial Park Cemeteries

Responsibilities and Fees

The Cemetery Department maintains 80 acres of ground and provides services including:

  • General maintenance
  • Grave openings and closings
  • Mowing and weeding
  • Assistance in locating specific burial sites


City of Chanute
Elmwood and Memorial Park Cemetery Fees
Sale of Grave Spaces
Selected by Sexton - Elmwood$150.00
Selected by Sexton - Memorial Park$200.00
Selected by Buyer - Elmwood$200.00
Selected by Buyer - Memorial Park$300.00
Social assistance (selected by sexton) - Elmwood$100.00
Social assistance (selected by sexton) - Memorial Park$150.00
Infant (if buried in baby space) - Elmwood$75.00
Infant (if buried in baby space) - Memorial Park$100.00
Grave Openings and Closings
Regular - weekday$500.00
Regular - Saturday$600.00
Infant - weekday$250.00
Infant - Saturday$350.00
Other Fees
Cremation burials - weekday$300.00
Cremation burials - Saturday$400.00
Monument & Staking Fee$50.00
Surcharge for late commencement of graveside service$100.00