Property Taxes

Property taxes are based upon the assessed valuation of the property and the mil levies set by taxing entities.
For every $100 I pay in property taxes, where does it go?

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Chanute is 9.5%
  • 6.5% State of Kansas
  • 1.75%. Neosho County (includes .75 tax approved by voters for ambulance service)
  • 1.0% City of Chanute
  • 0.125% City of Chanute (Approved by Voters)
  • 0.125% CRDA (Approved by Voters)

Gas Tax

The City receives a portion of gasoline taxes to be used for street improvements.

Special Alcohol Tax

The City receives a portion of tax on liquor sales. The proceeds are split:
  • 1/3 to the General Fund which includes the Police and Fire departments
  • 1/3 to Special Alcohol Fund for alcohol prevention programs
  • 1/3 to Special Parks Fund for special parks projects.

Transient Guest Tax

The City receives a portion of hotel taxes to be used for tourism promotion. The Chanute Area Chamber of Commerce manages the City Tourism programs.