City of Chanute Compost Program
The City of Chanute’s Composting operation began in 1992, when the City Landfill changed its policy to forbid the dumping of yard waste. Since then the amount of waste brought to the site has increased each year. The program accepts grass, leaves, and other non-woody vegetation, at no charge, from area residents. The finished compost is available, at no charge, on a first come first serve haul your own basis. Chanute residents, along with many local Neosho County residents, bring material and haul away finished compost, for use in gardens and landscaping. Although this is a City operated facility no restrictions are in place to prevent other County residents from making use of the facility.
  • The compost operation is located in the furthest West drying bed at the waste water treatment plant.Entry to the compost area is by the East Entrance.
  • Signs starting at 14th and Katy will lead you to the site.
  • Tree limbs are not accepted at the compost pile, however small limbs (under 2 inches in diameter) may be dumped at no charge for residents at the Landfill.
  • A rough estimate of 750 tons/year of yard waste is received.
  • The finished compost is used by the City, and any area resident who wishes to haul some off. If work at the treatment plant allows, employees will load trucks and trailers.
  • Compost demand often exceeds the amount produced.
  • The current program had the benefit of extending landfill life due to the restriction on yard wastes.
  • Waste Water Plant personnel are responsible for the daily operation.
  • Stop at the WWTP office or call 431-5293 for information.