Pet Licensing & Permits

Dog & Cat Licensing

All dogs and cats over six months old in the City of Chanute must be licensed annually with the City. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required to obtain a license.

There is a significant discount for spayed or neutered pets. Please bring veterinary verification to receive the reduced rate. There is also a Senior Owner Rate for spayed / neutered pets with owners over 65 years of age.

Dogs must wear the license tag, as well as a current rabies tag. Cats are not required to wear the tag. All owners must be able to show the license certificate and tag if requested. Failure to license your dog or cat is a violation of City Ordinance and may result in a citation.

License Fees for Cats & Dogs

Type of Licenses Fee
Intact Pets (not Spayed / Neutered) $30
Spayed / Neutered Pets $10
Senior Owner Rate (Spayed / Neutered Pets with owners over 65 years) $5

Renewal of the same pet’s license is 50% off the initial rate. A late fee of $5 will be charged after the due date, increasing by $5 for each additional month.

Click here for the Pet License form to fill out.

Pet License Form and Fee Schedule or for more information contact the Community Services Office at (620) 431-5232.