Patrol Division

The Chanute Police Department consists of three 8-hour shifts. There are five uniformed officers for each shift. The main patrol area for the police department is the Chanute city limits. There is an emergency response zone around Chanute that the police department can respond to if assistance is necessary and asked for, by the Neosho County Sheriff's Department.

The Patrol vehicles for the Chanute Police Department include a mix of Dodge Durango, Dodge Ram, Dodge Charger, Chevy Tahoe and Chevy Suburban.

The primary duty of the Chanute Police Department is to provide emergency law enforcement services to the citizens of Chanute. Day-to-day field duties include responding to emergency and non-emergency calls, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, criminal investigation, crime prevention and detection, recovery of stolen property, regulation of conduct, enforcement of drug laws, and apprehension of offenders.

Included in the Patrol Division is the Dive Team. The Dive Team was established to assist in water-borne investigations and specialized recovery missions.


Investigations deals with the investigation of criminal cases, detection and arrest of criminal offenders, child abuse and child sex crimes, recovery of lost/stolen property, investigation and enforcement of drug laws and offenses, and coordination with State and Federal Drug Agencies.