Chanute DPS Dive/Recovery Team

The Chanute Department of Public Safety Dive team was established to assist the Department in water borne investigations and specialized recovery.

CDPS divers are highly trained and certified professional individuals who, aside from the daily duties of police officers and firemen, are called upon in times of need to perform the delicate and sometimes emotionally grueling task of search and recovery.
As a separate entity from any other unit of the Police Department, the Dive Team is specially trained to perform a variety of water-related missions. The Dive Team is available 24 hours a day and can be ready to deploy to any part of the city at a moments notice. The Dive Team has been requested by neighboring jurisdictions to assist in water-based investigations and recoveries. Some of the tasks that the Dive Team has been called upon to participate in include property locating, retrieval, and vehicle extractions.

Other Dives
Valve Dive