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Nov 21

Built In Chanute

Posted on November 21, 2016 at 4:11 PM by Kristi Dozier

Growing up in Chanute I was very proud that my father was a dedicated Ash Grove Cement Employee, he spent thirty plus years at the plant, and I could not admire his dedication more. I give much of the credit for my work ethic to the examples he set.   
        Upon leaving Chanute for college and to start a family, I took great pride in seeing Ash Grove trucks rumbling down I-35 in Kansas City or seeing storage tanks with the Ash Grove logo across the country in my business travels.  I am not proud to admit it, but I even kept an Ash Grove pen from a waitress in Ft. Worth, TX.  The roots of Ash Grove run deep within me. My grandfather worked there as well. My brother and I were even fortunate enough to work at the plant during summer help while we were in college. 

                 Then one day a few years back it hit me, it wasn’t Just Ash Grove, Chanute runs deep within me. During my career fellow colleagues, executives, etc. would ask where my drive comes from. I simply explained to them “I am just a blue collar kid in a white collar world”.     

                 Chanute is full of hardworking men and women that take pride in the products they send out to not only the region or country, but globally. Since the beginning of my tenure with the Chanute Regional Development Authority, the statement above has only been magnified 100 times over.  In addition, my pride in Chanute and how well we are represented across so many industry sectors has grown even more. 

                   From ADI Wire and the amazing representation their products are having across the globe to Chanute Manufacturing and the world class fabrication work they do here. I could go on and on, there are just too many companies to list that build, assemble, and manufacture first class products. This article would cover pages to speak about the magnitude that these companies represent.  Chanute’s foot print is substantial, one that we should be proud of, and is growing.  

                 During the project to secure Orizon Aerostructures, I praised Chanute and its workforce through the entire process. We are hardworking, small town citizens that will work overtime, still make it to every ballgame for our kids, and make sure and hold that door open for you as you walk into Opie’s. That is what Chanute is built on, and that is what investors, developers, etc. is seeing as they are looking at Chanute and the growth we are having. As the CEO of Tech Industries (Orizon Aerostructures) put it, “Chanute, KS was the right choice given the proven mechanical aptitude and work ethic of the people”. I could not agree more. 

                 Chanute is growing, we are uniting, and the CRDA could not be more excited for what the future holds. This is the beginning; with much more work to be done. Aside from Business Attraction, we are continuing programs with Workforce Development so that we are well trained and ready for the task ahead, Neighborhood Development so everyone can take pride in their streets and homes and so on. 

              The mission that lies ahead will take all of us to work together, and I truly believe my fellow Chanute citizens are ready for the task, and will make waves across the state and beyond when the dust settles.  Thank you for the support, and I, Matthew Godinez, am proud to be built in Chanute. 

Matthew Godinez
Executive Director
Chanute Regional Development Authority