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Dec 09

Revealing Commuting Patterns

Posted on December 9, 2013 at 9:29 AM by Murray McGee

Every morning thousands of people get into their vehicles and drive to work. Some may only have to travel across town. Others will drive from one community to another. But the average commute in Neosho County takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau approximatley 22 percent of our workforce commute from outside Neosho County. A total of 1,832 people commute into Neosho County from nine neighboring counties. At the same time 1,365 Neosho County residents commute to the same 9 neighboring counties to work. In this area Neosho County has a net gain of 467.

Of the 1,832 people coming into Neosho County each day to work 695 are from Allen County; 496 come from Wilson County and 215 from Labette County. (*Additional details below)

Commuting patterns provide revealing details about the economy, businesses and can influence future growth and development plans. The Kansas Department of Transportation studies commuting patterns and so do private developers. Having a more workers traveling into a county for employment than the number of people driving outside the county to work is a positive factor to be cosidered. 

** Here are the numbers: 

Commuting into Neosho County                          Commuting outside Neosho County

Allen County                          695                                          231

Anderson County                   18                                            18

Bourbon Co                            36                                            15

Cherokee Co                           8                                              0

Crawford Co                           178                                          144

Labette Co                              215                                          637

Montgomery Co                      120                                          75

Wilson Co                               496                                          208

Woodson                                 66                                            37


  Total                                     1,832                                       1,365