2019 - 2020 Season

Friday, October 11—7:00 p.m. Ball in the House

Ball in the House is a R&B/Soul/Pop a cappella group that has been entertaining audiences of all ages for over eighteen years. Taking a cappella to the next stage, Ball in the House makes “music that’ll move ya” with classics like “My Girl”, “Stayin’ Alive”, “YMCA”, “Blank Space”, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, “That’s The Way I Like It”, and many more. More Information...

Ball in the house
Tuesday, November 12, 2019—7:00 p.m.

An Evening of Piano: Jason Farnham Fans have affectionately dubbed Jason Farnham "Schroeder" from Peanuts because of his toy piano, his witty Victor Borge-style piano comedy antics, and the clever way he interacts with the audience. His music includes contemporary romantic piano, jazz, bossa nova, blues, stride piano, and classical with a modern twist.

Saturday, February 8, 2020—7:00 p.m. Harps & Chords
Harps & Chords is an emerging new duo from New York City featuring harpist Jacqueline Kerrod and vocalist Daisy Press. Performing contemporary and popular music from various decades, they have created a strong following for their intimate yet energetic performances. Their repertoire includes classic Beatles, Elvis, Bob Dylan, George Gershwin, and many other well-loved standards from the past and present. More Information...


Thursday, April 30, 2020—7:00 p.m. Presidio Brass

Since forming in 2006, Presidio Brass has rocketed to success as the face of a bold new generation in brass entertainment. By combining a brass quintet, piano, and percussion with fresh, original arrangements, their unique sound has become a trademark for the ensemble from San Diego, CA.
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There will also be other performances in Bartlesville