What other services does the library offer?
Library Services:

Reference Service: Staff is available to help you answer your questions or assist you in finding information for research. We also provide access to several research databases .

Interlibrary Loan: If we do not have the particular book or article you need, ask us to borrow it for you from another Kansas library.

Talking Books: The Federal Government provides, free of charge, special books on tape for those with visual impairment or other physical disability. Applications may be picked up at the Chanute Public Library.

Adult Programs: Other adult programs are offered throughout the year, including programs sponsored by the Kansas Humanities Council and special Christmas craft programs. Ask at the library, or check our calendar, for upcoming events.

Memorial/Gift Program: You can purchase materials for the library’s collection to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, to honor a friends or a family member, or simply to give a lasting gift to the community. Book plates with the honoree’s name will be included in each book.

Internet & Word Processing: The library provides 10 public-access computers which provide access to the Internet as well as Word, Excel, and Power Point. Users are allowed 1 hour per day. Library cards are required for access, but adults can be logged on with “visitor” status. There is a charge for printing.

Book Sale: Each fall the Friends of Chanute Library sell donated or discarded books at great prices.

Kansas Library Card: Provides access to Audiobooks and More, state-sponsored databases and Homework Kansas. (LINK)http://kansas.lib.overdrive.com/470C4FA2-2B94-4146-979A-DE14B869C7D0/10/378/en/Default.htm

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