WiMAX Network

About the WiMAX Network

The WiMAX network was established in the Fall of 2011. In 2010 the FCC, which issued EBS (Educational Broadband Spectrum) to local educational institutions over a decade ago, announced they intended to withdraw the licenses of those school systems who had not built out the infrastructure. Although some of the local schools had leased the rights to private entities during that time, those private entities had not yet built out the network either. Recognizing the value of this capability, the City of Chanute worked with four separate entities to secure the lease rights and built out the beginning of the network. Those schools include:

The network operates at 2.5 MHz, with an download speed of 25 Mbps. We currently use PureWave radios. We have a protected spectrum covering 35 miles around Chanute. Each of the individual school licenses can be bundled to create additional bandwidth. 

We are very excited about the possibilities of using this infrastructure.

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