Fiber to the Home

- In 2019, the Chanute City Commission voted to move forward with engineering two sections of Chanute, designated PON 3 and PON 11, to receive aerial and/or submerged fiber broadband Internet access. The areas involved in the undertaking are shown here:

Overview of Chanute illustrating locations of PON 3 and PON 11.


PON 11
FTTH Roundtable Discussion Feb 16 2015 in Chanute Kansas

Following a unanimous city commission vote on November 25, 2013, we are researching and developing a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) project. FTTH is a high speed broadband connection that could be connected to every home and business. It would also be used by the utility system to provide timely customer utility information and new payment options. A final recommendation will be made to the city commission for consideration.
The benefits to Chanute’s utility customers are:
  • Better access to your own utility consumption information, giving you the ability to lower your utility bills
  • Prepay reduces/eliminates security deposits and write offs
  • Improved customer service
  • Shorter outage durations; Cost efficiency improvements from reduced system loss
  • Ultra-high-speed Internet access, highest quality video/TV, and telephone services
  • Fiber optic speed and reliability; Keeps your money in the community.
  • Opportunities for advancements in community health, education, public safety, and economic development initiatives.
The costs to Chanute citizens are:
  • ###
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